"Asian House"

Asian House has a strong focus on the creation and presentation of new flavors to their audience, from the introduction of authentic Asian recipes to the creation of unique fusion proposals, which combine Asian cuisine with European culture. The main characteristics, however, always remain the high quality of the ingredients, the preparation a la minute and the constant renewal of the menu with new tastes.

Asian House offers a unique dining experience by putting the term “Asian cuisine” in its true dimension: authentic recipes from a multitude of Asian countries that are constantly renewed and enriched, making the restaurants a literal journey of Asian tasting. A trip that harmoniously combines many different aspects of each cuisine, from their most delicate and luxurious dishes, to the most authentic street food proposals, that we can meet on a real trip to an Asian country. At the same time, Asian House also creates authentic recipes by successfully marrying authentic Asian ingredients, flavors and aromas with more familiar western tastes. Finally, and through a constant search and exploration of Asian cuisine, Asian House pioneers by first introducing to the Greek market tastes and textures unknown until then such as bao bun, traditional ramen, dumplings, Vietnamese pho and many more!

The bold and innovative options of Asian House have succeeded in establishing them among the public of Thessaloniki as the ultimate synonym of quality Asian cuisine. The authenticity of the flavors, but also the unique proposals of the menu have been embraced by the people of Thessaloniki; and there is no better proof of this than the rapid growth of the restaurants, both in number and of course in turnover.